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Bashful Buffalo & Matthew Litt in the News:

Our Book

“I haven’t been able to read it yet but my Mom, who is an avid reader, absolutely loved it. She wants to order more to give to some friends and family. She said she is not giving or loaning ‘her’ copy.”
— John Burkett, Dec. 18, 2015
“This book has become my Dec. Christmas ritual. I highly recommend this book for all ages. If you love history and Christmas you will love this book. Christmas = Love, and this book will put joy back into your spirit for sure. Matthew Litt thanks for this book.”
— Barbara Di Gilio Feb. 20, 2015
“Litt tells such neat stories in this book, and it is a wonderful look back at what America was in the middle of the last century.”
— Elizabeth Siddal Feb. 24, 2012
“The pages in this book recreate the America of that time and what a time it was! I first read it a few years ago and I read it every year around Christmas. I love this book.”
— Wolfgang Ryan December 10, 2014