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I started the Historic Home Registry to honor and record America’s historic homes, and as an alternative to the complex application process required by the National and most state historic registers. I believe there should be a subjective element to historic preservation, and that it should not just be about documenting architects and materials and dates. If your home meets basic historic criteria and causes you to feel something, it is worthy of honor and recording.

During my courtroom battles to save the historic Camden (NJ) High School and the pre-Revolutionary War Hugg Harrison House from demolition, I was asked countless times why, if these buildings were so special, they were not listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Few people realize that the National and most state historic Registers require incredibly lengthy applications, followed by an esoteric review process focused on minutia that only professional historians consider important. The Bashful Buffalo American History Co. Registry is the alternative, and provides the owners of historic homes across America the chance to celebrate their history.

-Matthew R. Litt, Esq.

Historic Preservation Attorney / Author / Historian